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The latest Veeam Best Practice is now published for V12

Veeam BP 2023

Available now, Veeam Security Best Practices

Veeam Backup & Replication Security Best Practice Guide


The journey of Veeam started back in 2006 with a simple tool to protect Virtual Machines and has grown today into a powerful suite of Data Protection solutions. Over the years many functions were added, new platforms are supported, and 3rd party integrations created. The main goal for all products, “It Just Works”, is still valid but within such a powerful suite, multiple options are sometimes available to achieve a specific goal and specific configuration settings are needed in specific cases.

That’s why the idea of a Veeam Best Practice guide was born some years ago. What started as one simple Veeam Best Practice document is now scaling to meet the portfolio of products Veeam offers to its customers. We have started to breakout the documentation into relevant product segments, hopefully this will simplify the search for support or information on any individual product. Veeam Best Practice documents are based on real-world experiences within the field, because of this we may lag behind the current versions available from the Veeam website and it may not conform to the Veeam help guides completely, in our opinion.


Veeam B&R
BP 2023

Best Practice documentation.

Veeam Official Calculator

Sizing tool for new projects and designs.


For people that just want to do it without the explanations


Veeam One Database Estimator Tool

We created this to give an basic understanding of what will be required to build a Veeam One Database. We claim no accuracy of the data output as this tool is an indicator only of what this could look like.

There are many factors which influence the sizing of Veeam One and this is a simplified combination.
If your looking to build and implement a Veeam One Server contact your local Veeam System Engineer or Solutions Architect for support and advice on your particular project


Ports List Finder

The Second Port tool is for those only needing a list of ports rather than mapping them to hosts, aks for a service and output the required port numbers and usage, exportr them into xlsx formatfor later use.